“I believe that… insulin resistance is the single most common health disorder in the world. It will increase the risk of essentially every chronic disease” Dr Ben Bikman
And what is the number one cause of insulin resistance? The over consumption of refined carbohydrates (processed foods). Breads, pastas, cereals, grains, packaged foods. All the stuff that has exploded in our diets over the past 40 years. And what has exploded along with it? Type 2 diabetes. Fatty liver. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Cancer. Dementia. Auto immune conditions. Obesity. Depression. Anxiety.
Don’t be put off by the label ‘Low Carb’. All it means is eating real, nutrient dense food. And this Summit is about showing you how to make this a lifestyle. No more dieting. No more restricting. Just simple ways to either return or stay in good health.
So if you’re curious, start here.