Meet Tracey McBeath

Hello, thank you for being here. I am a 47-year-old mum to my 5 kids. After doing a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Teaching when I finished school, I ended up working in Human Resources until I had my first of 5 kids. Around the age of 30, I was ready for a career change and became a qualified Personal Trainer. A few years ago I moved into Health Coaching. This is where my passion really lies. Helping people see they have the capacity within to live the life they want to live.

Life has a funny way of not turning out as we planned. Having 5 kids, as an example, was never in the plan for me! But after my first marriage ended when I had 3 young kids, I was lucky enough to find love again 2 years later to my now-husband Jim. Together we have 2 beautiful boys. I thank the universe every day for blessing me with 5 healthy and vibrant children!

While I have always been into health and fitness, by the time I hit 40, it was clear what I had been doing up to that point (following the high carb, low fat dietary guidelines) wasn’t really working for me now. I was struggling to lose the 15kg I had gained after baby number 4, and after getting some blood done, I was also getting close to becoming pre-diabetic. I was also tired all the time, and at night, I couldn’t stop eating.

It was enough to completely turn my life around. After doing some research online, I came across Professor Tim Noakes, and by the age of 42 I had reversed by pre-diabetes and was on the path to full metabolic health.

Since that time, I have never stopped learning how to make this a lifestyle. I was pushed gently down a new path early in 2020 when I was diagnosed with Hashimotos disease. My mother has this too, and I realise looking back it had probably been building in me since I suffered from an auto immune reactive arthritis illness in my early 20’s. This has made me even more determined to spread the message of hope and show there are many different pathways to health. We just have to find our own. To heal my gut (which is the root of all autoimmune conditions), I have been eating a carnivore way and it has helped tremendously. I have a hashimotos resources page here, so check this out if you want to learn more.

My study has been wide and varied, and guided a lot by what my clients have needed. I have studied nutrition through the Real Meal Revolution as well as the Nutrition Network (of which I am a proud Ambassador and also a lecturer). I am also a 3 principles practitioner which is where I have learnt the skills required to get out of our own way and live the life we want to live! I truly believe the best learning is the on the job training of life. I am so grateful to all the incredible clients I have had who have been brave enough and trusted me enough to completely change the direction of their lives.

I am passionate about showing women their own path to good health by working with the mind and body. To me, health is so much more than just not being sick.

It’s about feeling energetic, alive, and free to embrace everything life has to offer. But many of us innocently get it wrong when it comes to the path to health. Dieting, restricting, excessive exercising & counting calories are not what is required to be healthy. In fact many of these things do damage to our bodies & brains that can be challenging to recover from. Our choices are always our choices. But sometimes we don’t know how to make different ones.

I would love you to come on this journey that has already helped many find ways to long-lasting change. I recently wrote an article that appeared in Body & Soul Online. If you would like to read it, click here.

One very proud Mum in this photo! This is  me with my amazing 5 kids on the day my eldest son and my only daughter received their black belts


  • Bachelor of Arts – Teaching (Macquarie University);
  • Nutrition Network Advisor (Nutrition Network);
  • Life Coaching Certification Course (Kain Ramsey);
  • Professional Training in LCHF/Ketogenic Nutrition & Treatment (Nutrition Network);
  • Diabetes Reversal Course (Nutrition Network)
  • Certified Banting (LCHF) Food Coach (Real Meal Revolution);
  • Deep Impact 3 Principles Practitioner Training with Fiona Lukeis & Barbara Patterson
  • Coaching from the Inside Out (Michael Neill);
  • Exploring the Mind, Brain, Body, Behaviour Connection: Understanding Universal Principles Changes Everything (Dr. Bill Pettit)
  • Foundations of Human Resources (AHRI);
  • Certificate III in Fitness (Fitnation);
  • Certificate IV in Fitness (Fitnation);
  • Certificate in Understanding Hormones (IDEA);
  • Certificate in Pregnancy & Exercise Guidelines;
  • Indoor Cycling Instructor;
  • Floor Pilates Instructor;
  • Kettlebell Instructor;
  • Martial Arts experienced

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