I was talking to my husband last night and he shared a story he had heard recently.

Imagine you died. And when you’re up in the universe you get granted a gift to go back to your life for another 6 months.

How would you live? Would you live it differently than you do now?

I’m pretty sure most of us would live it differently. But why is it we don’t live the way we want to live now?

I wonder what you would change if this happened. Would you let the whole day dictate the YOU you present to the world if the scale hadn’t moved and you made up a whole lot of thinking around your worth because of that? Would you worry about what others would think if you said what you truly felt? Would you wear the bikini, give the speech, spend all day on social media, stay in a job you hated, spend time with people you didn’t really like, or be constantly frustrated by your children? Would you spend your time wishing you had something more or different to what you actually had? Would ‘things’ even matter at all???

Would you spend so much time and energy impressing those who really don’t matter instead of giving our energy to those that do?

Only you can answer those questions..  but you won’t gain insight from being up in your head. The answers you seek will come from your gut. And the only thing stopping you from living the life you want now, is your thinking.

So much of what goes on up in your head is purely made up, and it isn’t actually ‘you’. When you are full of anxious thinking or stressful thinking, you just ‘have’ anxious or stressful thinking. But it isn’t you. We’re not anxious or stressed.. we are just caught up in our thinking. Or as one of my insightful clients said to me the other day.. “I’m not stressed.. I just think I am.”

The nature of thought is that of a river. It flows through us, and it only stays with us if we choose to keep focused on those thoughts. As Dr Bill Pettit says, “We can’t control what comes in to our head, but we can certainly control what we chew on.”

The more I live in the understanding that our reality is made up purely by what we choose to see…. the less I take my thinking seriously by spending so much of my time up in my head.

And when I’m less up in my head, I’m so much more in my heart and focused on those who are right in front of me in the physical form.

Because that my friends…. is where happiness truly lives ❤️