What is it that you want from losing weight?

Write it down. List them all. Be as honest as you can with your reasons.

Now… here is a question.

What is stopping you from having these things right now? Could it be possible that you are searching in the wrong place to find these things?

Maybe you are, maybe you aren’t. I can’t answer that for you. But in my experience, many of us are innocently looking in the wrong direction.

My thought is why do we feel we have to wait until we get to some arbitrary ‘weight’ on a piece of plastic to feel the things we want to feel? To live the life we want to live? To do the things we want to do?

I want to share with you here some universal truths.

Losing weight won’t guarantee you those things you’re looking for.

But there is something that will give you what you’re wanting, and that comes from simply understanding how we work as human beings. Where change truly comes from.

Change can only ever come from within us. It doesn’t come from our external circumstances, even though it so feels like it does sometimes.

But it’s our thinking that only ever creates our reality.  We are the creator – and the thought police – of our own made up reality.

Qualities like confidence, courage, compassion and love are available to everyone, because we all have this universal wisdom within us. We are all born with these qualities. All that has happened if we don’t feel we have these qualities is we have been clouded by our thoughts, and we innocently misunderstand where to go to find it again… typically we look outside of ourselves.

But it is within where all the answers lie.

Getting out of our mind and bodies way and allowing it to work as it’s designed means there is little we have to do to see things like weight loss happen.

Simply understanding how it’s things like hormonal imbalance that cause weight gain in the first place, means that re balancing them will see weight loss happen.

When it comes to our mind, it’s usually our habitual thought patterns that keep us feeling stuck… because we simply don’t understand that thought is designed to move through us. It isn’t personal, and if we make nothing of it, it will simply leave without us having to do anything with it.

Why do we fear all that comes with being human?

There truly is nothing to fear… but fear itself.

“Who you really are is not your body. You are so much more than that. Connecting with that deeper part of you – that goes way beyond form – is where you are fearless and naturally confident.”

If you want to explore this understanding a little further, tune in to Episode 18 with Fiona Lukeis and Episode 21 with Rochelle Gance. My podcast – The Nourished Mumlife – is available on iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify or here on my website.