A few weeks ago in my support group I asked 3 questions. What have been the benefits of lifestyle change, what have been/are the challenges, and lastly what’s one tip you would give you others who are embarking on the change journey?

I shared their wisdom last week on their benefits. Today I want to share what are (and still are) some challenges.

* Initially my biggest challenge was making the decision to start. I didn’t believe I could give up bread!

* Getting my husband on board – other family members are still a challenge

* Initially it was finding a doctor willing to go deeper to uncover why I was feeling so awful. Luckily I did eventually found one.

* Kicking the sugar habit! I thought it would be hard to do but once i Had insight into making a real lifestyle change for myself I found it was easier than I had anticipated. Also the fact I felt progressively so much better with each week that I was off the sweet habit made it easier to stick to

* Managing evening eating!

* Biggest challenges have been seeing I don’t have to overthink things. Seeing I don’t have to spend much them and letting them go

* Fear, overthinking, not believing

* My biggest challenge continues to be getting out of my own way. Feeling like I need to control everything. Learning to trust my intuition, to let go of old thinking and accept the ebb and flow of everyday life is something I need to remind myself of regularly.

* Giving up sugar and believing in myself! Giving up sugar, OMG this was hard. Believing that I was worth fixing.. that was hard too.

* Seeing how it was MY responsibility to change my habits and take control of MY life. I always felt so powerless here and looked constantly to others to do it for me. I still forget sometimes

What have you experienced within yourself?

There is always so much we can see beyond what we think… and what we think is totally changeable. Challenges can teach us so much, and they are such a great opportunity to grow beyond what we currently believe.

If you’re looking for community, support, knowledge, wisdom and kindness, then look no further than my lifestyle lounge support group. You can learn more about joining this group here.