If you’re struggling to make real lifestyle change, you’re not alone. We all know on some level that eating real food, moving, managing stress & sleeping well is going to give us the best chance at optimal health. Yet we struggle to find a way to make it stick in our day to day lives. We constantly ‘fall off the wagon’, give in to the lure of our favourite snacks, emotionally eat foods we know are not good for us, eat too much or the foods we don’t want to eat when we’re stressed, don’t move, drink excessively, or the myriad of things that might look to you like they’re getting in your way.

This 5 week online program is going to turn all of that on its head for you, and re direct you to look in the right place to get you back on YOUR path to health.

Read feedback from past program participants:

“I’m so very very glad I signed up and am doing this! It’s blown my mind how much has come up and all the shifting going on around my thoughts. One thing that’s really sticking out to me is the thing you say about the urges can’t hurt us. I used to panics bout how to resolve that urge. I was surprised at how quickly it passed. Love your work!” Vanessa.

“Thank you for the first session last night. I like the idea that you think ‘thoughts’ not ‘reality’ – it’s quite liberating!” Catriona.

“The past 2 weeks I have had my family eat takeaway and heaps of crap in front of me, and I haven’t indulged one bit, it wasn’t even hard, I just don’t want it! WOW!! My insight thought is.. the more permission I give myself to eat this food the less I want it…” Paula.

“For the first time in a long time, I have this joy in my body.  It’s like, nothing has changed but I have. I am able to appreciate the good things in my life and deal with the stressful events much easier.” Cindy.

Could there be a better way to start 2021?

What will be covered in each session?

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