Welcome to my first blog post. I often find I am restricted by what I say on Instagram due to the word limit, so maybe this type of thing might be just what I need to ramble! So if you’re actually reading this, thank you.

I am starting out on a huge journey I never imagined I would go on even 6 months ago. I started back at work at the beginning of this year as a personal trainer, but within my own business. I also finished my banting coaches course through the Real Meal Revolution at the same time, so have been combining my PT & Food coaching quite nicely during the year.

But I was finding my knowledge was limited with what I had been taught. Essentially I had been taught how to help women with their physical body through exercise & movement,  and their intellectual body through teaching them what best to eat to be nourished.  What I hadn’t been prepared for was dealing with damaged emotional bodies –  dysfunctional relationships many of these women had with food, and had had for over 40 years.

I was at a loss at how to deal with this. They trusted me and built a relationship with me, and of course I became more than a coach – I became their friend. And friends lean on each other. I let them lean, but I felt powerless to be able to help them.

But thankfully I believe in the Universe protecting me, and at the right moment a lady appeared who I knew would be able to skill me up to provide some skills to these women to be able to help themselves. Stephanie Dodier was kind enough to let me do her Going Beyond the Food Program at a reduced rate. Of course, it wasn’t only my clients that were helped by this. I was profoundly changed.

I learnt things about myself that I didn’t even think were a problem. Self sabotaging behaviours, living in my comfort zone, emotional eating, mindless eating…. and many more. But I think one of the biggest things I learnt was that I was completely responsible for my choices. Yes I could acknowledge my upbringing and the influence of my parents. Yes I could acknowledge things that had happened to me that influenced how I dealt with my emotions. But at the end of the day, my choices were my choices. And because I could acknowledge that, I could also change that.

So here is where I am now. Stepping way out of my comfort zone to build a program that can show women that they too are responsible for their choices. They don’t have to ‘eat’ their emotions – it is possible to be able to work through them. The past is the past. The future is the future. The present is all we have.

Nothing happens when we stay in our comfort zone. And I can tell you I am about as far out of that thing that you can get! But I’m so passionate about my message, and driven by the need to give back to the universe for protecting me. I want to be able to give other women the tools for change. To empower them to live the life they so deserve to live… and NOW. Not in 5, 10 or 20 years time. Now.

Tracey xx