Women and fasting. Should women do it? Is it safe for women? How do we do it effectively?
I’ve been asked this twice this morning, and it’s something I do a lot with clients in my work. Surprise surprise it’s very individual and I have seen many tips to make it work for you.
Dr Caryn Zinn talked specifically about women and fasting for the Low Carb Summit last year. This Summit was amazing, and I recommend it to everyone working with women in health. You can still purchase this Summit here ($20)
I also have a 30 day self paced online program that has a whole section on fasting. It’s a complete program on how to make the low carb lifestyle work for you, and covers all the things that usually get in the way. You can learn more about that here.
Or if you want the full personal experience for you, why not consider some one on one coaching with me?