Come on a 30 day adventure with me! A journey towards a healthier you, step by step, one day at a time. Over 30 days I will coach you, guide you, and share my knowledge and wisdom on how to carve out your own path when it comes to lifestyle change.

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If you’re struggling to make real lifestyle change, you’re not alone. We all know on some level that eating real food, moving, managing stress & sleeping well is going to give us the best chance at optimal health. Yet we struggle to find a way to make it stick in our day to day lives. Why is that?

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Client Experiences

I have lost all anxiety about food and eating and there is no reactionary and binge like reaction. If I have a ‘treat’  – the next meal, I just make it a healthy one. This is not something I have done for a very long time. The effect on my life has been huge. I have so much more space in my head to deal with much more interesting issues rather than food!”  –  Pauline

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