27 08, 2020

The Ultimate Mask For Your Insides

2020-11-10T13:12:42+11:00August 27th, 2020|

So much of what we’re being told on how to protect ourselves from COVID is about ‘outside in’ protections. Face masks, social distancing, hand washing, santiser, lock downs etc. This seems to be the strategy…. do these measures until a vaccine is found. These strategies are really important, as [...]

2 11, 2019

Myths & Truths About Vegetarianism

2019-11-14T15:18:44+11:00November 2nd, 2019|

"There is no life without death. All living things eat and are eaten. A food system without animals could cause more harm than good. Well-raised beef is a healthy, sustainable and ethical food."Diana Rodgers, Sustainable Dish. In the second part of my series looking at the vegan and vegetarian diet, [...]

21 10, 2019

Nutrient Deficiencies from Vegan/Vegetarian Diets

2019-10-21T19:52:35+11:00October 21st, 2019|

"As yet, I have not found a single group of primitive racial stock which was building and maintaining excellent bodies by living entirely on plant foods." Weston A. Price, DDS I have been very concerned over the growing trend of the vegetarian and vegan diets for some time, particularly [...]

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