Today I am proud to share Naomi’s story with you. I will pass you straight over to her.

I’m lucky enough to have meet Tracey over the fence as we are next door neighbors and even more lucky to have been introduced to her amazing coaching program.

Over a year ago I started doing weekly PT sessions with Tracey when she was training clients and in between squats and crunches we would talk about her food coaching program…well she would talk and I listened as I was usually breathless 😊.

Her approach to a better way of eating (to be honest no one likes the word “Diet”) was something I knew very little of so I was extremely interested in her approach.

Ever since I can remember I have been overweight but losing weight was never really a top priority for me, but it was always something that was there on my mind.

I’ve always been quite active, walking, going to the gym and doing personal training sessions but it was my diet that was the problem.  I was your typical yo-yo, fad dieter!   Anything new out there I would give it a go…for a week or two, maybe three, saw no results so I gave up.  Found it boring, too much hard work prepping food, excuses, excuses!!!

I started coaching with Tracey around this time last year and OMG, LIFE CHANGING!  It has been the easiest and yummiest way of eating I have ever done and not only has my diet changed it has been an amazing overall health and well being transformation for me.

I have never been one to weigh myself so I don’t exactly know how much weight I have lost but I know I’ve dropped a couple of sizes.  I’ve just recently had to get my wedding and engagement rings resized…I’ve dropped 3 ring sizes!  My clothes fit better (some are too big), I have so much more energy (energy I need to keep up with my 3 young kids) and no longer am I looking for that 3pm sugar hit.  My blood Pressure has come down and overall I feel amazing.  I’m making better food choices not only for myself but for my husband and 3 kids.  I practice intermittent fasting almost 6 days a week and for me I think that has been key.

Knowing how this way of eating affects you and how it can change you is worth knowing.  Tracey’s knowledge and guidance are just what you need to start this way of eating.  Thank You Tracey – you’re the best!