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My own health story is one of transformation. After doing everything ‘right’ up until I was 40, I was gaining weight, and was close to being pre-diabetic. It took a huge turn around in my thinking to get on the path that I wanted to be on. Now at 46 – and a mum of 5 – I’ve never been healthier! I’ve also learnt to overcome emotional eating (including a nightly wine habit) a chronic lack of confidence, insecurity, and so much more in my life since learning how we all work. I am no longer afraid of my experiences in life, and am actually in life living it. This is all possible for you too.

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How can you reach for that which can sustain you consistently… and reject that which can not?  I will show you that it isn’t more willpower that you need in order to change habits. Change comes when we understand how we work. When we understand that, we can find peace from restrictive dieting, disordered eating, health anxiety & stress. My role is to show you how you can open up space for new thinking when it comes to your health, because it is new thinking we need to get to somewhere new.  In my blog I share many stories of how this is possible.

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In my capacity as a Nutrition Network Advisor, I offer one on one, couple and small group health coaching via Skype, and face to face consulting on Saturdays in Ormond. I’m also part of a great online program written by Dr Jackie Montefiore, Sante Circle.  A big key to health is knowing that it is very individual, and that there is no one size fits all approach. My coaching allows for the individual to find their own path back to health with as much support as needed. I specialise in helping with Weight loss; emotional eating/binge eating; health anxiety; habit change; stress management.

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