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So much of the source of our anxiety around health comes from a simple misunderstanding of how we work as human beings. My job is to clear up this misunderstanding so you can thrive. To show you where to look to find those things that are already abundant in you. I can help you with changing habits, seeing stress differently, managing anxiety more effectively, learning how to feed your body what it’s needing.. and more.  I have a couple of video coaching programs below, or please check out my signature program,
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“The Ultimate Thought Trap.”
Fleas have an amazing ability to jump over 100 times their own height. If you put them in a jar with a lid, they will jump and jump and hit their head many times. After a while of banging their heads, they will adjust their perspective and jump only as high as the lid. When the lid is removed, the fleas continue to jump only as high as the lid. They remain trapped in the jar because they don’t notice there is no lid. For us humans, Thought is the lid on our understanding of how the human operating system works. When we go beyond the limitations of our conditioning, we fall into the realm of a deeper feeling, pure potential, and infinite possibility.